Unlimited VPN USA

Unlimited VPN USA

Why use unlimited VPN USA server?

Watch Netflix, Hulu and ABC outside USA

Listen to Pandora Radio outside USA

Hide your true IP address and your true location to stay safe while browsing

Open any blocked website or service in your region

Cloak your VoIP calls

Protect your personal data from hackers

Where to get unlimited VPN USA server?

WASEL Pro provides unlimited VPN USA server access to all subscription packages. USA server is available in OpenVPN apps for Windows, Mac and Android and for L2TP manual setup. Additionally, you can connect to USA server over SSH tunnel which is more secure and stronger in case you’re connected to a network that uses strong firewalls.

How to connect to unlimited VPN USA server on Mac/ Windows?

Download the VPN app on your system from this link:


Windows users, click on the first link

Mac users, click on the second link

After downloading and installing the app on your system, open the dropdown list to select one of three USA servers then click on “Connect”

Unlimited VPN USA

Unlimited VPN USA

If you would like to connect to unlimited VPN USA server over SSH tunnel, make sure to check the SSH checkbox before you open the dropdown list to select USA server then click “Connect”

How to connect to unlimited VPN USA server on iPad/ iPhone?

Follow these instructions on your device:

Open “Settings

Tap on “General” then select “Network

Tap on “VPN” then “Add VPN Configuration

Insert these required data:

In Description field, type server address: usa.waselpro.com

In Server field, type server address again: usa.waselpro.com

In Account field, type your WASEL Pro registered username (e-mail address)

In Password field, type your account’s password

For Secret, type: sharedsecret

Turn on the “Send All Traffic” button then tap “Save

How to connect to unlimited VPN USA server Android?

Open Settings then tap Wireless & Networks

VPN Settings then Add VPN

Select Add L2TP/IPSec PSK VPN

VPN Name: usa.waselpro.com

Set VPN Server: usa.waselpro.com

Set IPSEc pre-shared key: sharedsecret

DNS Search Domains:

Click on menu and save

You might be asked to insert a credential password, just insert any one you prefer

Now insert your registered e-mail (username) and password in WASEL Pro then tap Connect

When the VPN is connected the message should appear at the top bar.