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Use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in Iraq with the help of VPN

Recently, Iraq has been facing a growing insurgency in the north which threatens to pull the country apart. This caused the Ministry of Communication to block a number of different social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Users who try to open these websites are greeted with a message that says ‘The website has been blocked by the Iraqi Ministry of communications. Since this incident happened, people all over Iraq are desperately looking for ways to open these websites so that they can continue socializing like before.

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VPN is used all over the world for opening different blocked website. It also works in Iraq and people have already started using it. It stands for Virtual Private Network, which means that it protects the identity of the user. The identity of the user over the internet is his IP address, and if that I changed or protected, there is no other way to find out if the user is opening blocked sites or not. A VPN replaces the IP and makes sure that there is no trace left behind by the user. Different VPN’s are available that can be used in Iraq. Here are best rated VPN in Iraq:

–          Wasel pro

–          Strong VPN

–          Pure VPN

WASEL Pro is a popular VPN that is available for OS devices like iPhones, iPads, Android. It has an easy installation process and only need a setup after downloading to get started.

Strong VPN has no speed restrictions and has excellent tutorials. It allows easy access to any blocked website.

Pure VPN has excellent easy to use software and has a 3 day money back guarantee.

Now, there is Wasel pro also in the list. This VPN is by far the most reliable and safest VPN to use. While using it, the user never has to worry about his identity being at stake. The customer support is excellent and is available 24/7. Any query of yours will be solved in minutes, and you will get a detailed response to your question is a few seconds through live chat. It is also the cheapest VPN in Iraq and can be subscribed in 4 different packages. It has two reliable protocols; OpenVPN is used for applications and L2TP for manual setup. It also gets the best VPN reviews for Iraq. Users also get a trial which has no bandwidth or speed limitations and can be used for ten minutes daily.

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With all that Wasel pro has to offer, it certainly looks like a VPN worth giving a try. Of course, you need to use it yourself to get satisfied, one person’s opinion is not enough to get convinced.

Download the WaselPro vpn client now:

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WASEL Pro VPN client for Windows supports Windows XP,Vista,7,8, 8.1.

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WASEL PRO L2TP VPN client For all iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod).