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Before getting deep into VPN for Iran, let’s kick off by an introduction on Internet censorship and Iran and common conventions to bypass the restrictions.

Iran was one of the first countries that entered the Internet in the Middle East in 1993. Shortly after, Iran became one of the largest countries in terms of Internet users; the number of Internet users in Iran is around 22 million users.

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Internet censorship in Iran began in 2005 during the reign of president of Iran, Ahmadinejad and censorship law has been issued. Iran has imposed penalties on violators of censorship law and imposed strict laws of the owners of Internet cafes. In 2006 Internet speed has been reduced and 50% of the most visited websites in the world, like social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, etc…), news sites and political sites have been blocked. Additionally Internet is often entirely disconnected in some areas such as the City Ahvaz which led to isolation of Iran from the rest of the world. Iranian government is currently studying the local Internet project, where Iran will create its own network and give up the global Internet.

Now in order to bypass this very strict Internet censorship in Iran, you have 2 options; Proxy and VPN.

What’s the proxy?

Proxy is the mediator between Internet users and the site which the user wants to access. The proxy stores sites and pages doing filtering of sites and this is the problem because each country has added a number of sites on the list of proxy to be banned. However, there are proxy services that you can bypass proxy filtering and open blocked sites.vpn for iran 2

There are many proxy services; free and paid but neither work efficiently, why? Proxy will merely hide your Iran IP address and it’s easy for any website you visit to detect that you are using proxy. Moreover, proxy will slow you down which will be very frustrating especially in Iran, where Internet speed is already not at its best.

VPN for Iran

A VPN convention will allow Internet user to establish connection between his/her device and a server, often located in a different country. This connection is tunneled and highly encrypted; hence it cannot be detected or disrupted by any third party.

Using VPN for Iran will allow the user to connect to a certain server, of their choice, located in a country that do not impose restrictions on the Internet, such as USA and European Union countries. By doing so, the user will hide their Iranian IP address and get a new one so they can bypass proxy and open all sites with high speed.

How to get VPN for Iran?

You can either download VPN for Iran applications for different operating systems. You have a wide array of options. Websites such as http://www.bestvpnfor.net/all-vpn-providers provide reviews of free and paid VPN services to help you choose the one that best meets your needs.

VPN for Iran can also be manually configured and there are tons of tutorials that will help you in this matter.

On a side note, you might want to know that L2TP VPN protocol is not working in Iran. So, when looking for a VPN for Iran, consider other options. OpenVPN is the most efficient both stability and encryption wise.