Unlimited VPN for iPhone

Unlimited VPN for iPhone – iPad – iPod

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Unlimited VPN for iPhone

Unlimited VPN for iPhone

Why do you need VPN for iPhone?

iPhone has become the leading smartphone in the world. It allows you to interact with people, handle your financial and business transactions, and you can even buy stuff online. You can get connected to the World Wide Web on iPhone either by using Wi-Fi or Mobile Network. By looking at this, the apple company, the developer of iOS, presented the VPN function in iPhone so that you could stay protected and you can use the World Wide Web easily.

The main reasons why you need to use VPN for iPhone are to: 

Stay anonymous: using unlimited VPN for iPhone, you’ll mask your IP address. No one can track you down, no one can figure out your true location.

Access US and UK only streaming services:  using unlimited VPN for iPhone, you will gain access to Netflix, Hulu, ABC, iPlayer wherever you are.

Cloak your VOIP calls: unlimited VPN for iPhone encrypts your connection. Hence, all your connections, all your calls or texts will be encrypted as well.

Why unlimited VPN for iPhone?

Unlimited VPN means:

Unlimited bandwidth – unlimited speed – unlimited server access and switching

Setting up unlimited VPN for iPhone

Start from home screen. Go to “Settings“.
Select “General“.
Select “Network“.
Then proceed to “VPN“.
Tap on “Add VPN Configuration
Choose “L2TP” tab.

Description: the server address you would like to connect to 

Server: the server address you would like to connect to 

Account:  your username

Password: your password

and Secret: sharedsecret

 Turn the “Send All Traffic” button  ON.
Save the Configuration and go back.
 Now turn WASEL Pro VPN connection ON.
 Wait while it connects. Confirm that the connection is on by checking its Status. Also notice the VPN badge on the title bar.

To get your VPN account’s data, go to www.waselpro.com

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