How to Change IP Address on Windows (8)

First of all, let’s explain what “IP” is. “IP” stands for Internet Protocol, so an IP address is an Internet Protocol address that is designed to allow one computer (or other digital device) to communicate with another via the Internet. In the same sense that someone needs your mailing address to send you a letter, […]

VPN for Mac and iPad – Setup VPN Connection

The guidelines encased in this tutorial are for the setup of the L2TP VPN connection for your Apple gadgets (Macbook and iPad/ iPhone) L2TP (Layer 2 Tunnelling Protocol) makes it a stride further security insightful when contrasted with PPTP (Point-to-Point Protocol). With the additional layer of security, it empowers your gadget to arrange with our […]

Setup L2TP VPN Windows 7

L2TP VPN Windows 7 Advantages What if your Internet Service Provider (ISP) doesn’t allow you to access certain websites or block torrent downloading? Or if you would like to surf the internet anonymously and don’t want to give away your true geographic location? Or If you want to be able to access streaming services that […]

Common VPN issues

VPNs have turned from vagueness to being a familiar method of linking between private networks through the Internet. Even though VPNs at first became common because they are free from connecting networks with rented lines cost, they lean to be very trustworthy, that why they have become more accepted. However, VPN connections face problems sometimes. […]

How to setup OpenVPN on Windows 10

OpenVPN is one of the most famous open source applications created in 2002 that builds virtual private network (VPN) methods that form a secure point-to-point connections using the SSL/TLS protocol. For installing OpenVPN on Windows 10 we have a few steps to do: First of all you have to install OpenVPN GUI to be able […]

Allow VPN through Windows firewall

Connecting to a virtual private network (VPN) has developed a lot and became easier by software and hardware solutions presented by Windows, Linux/UNIX, NetWare, and vendors such as Cisco, but you will have troubles related to your windows firewall. You can conquer these troubles by taking the coming steps in order to allow VPN through […]

How to Change DNS in Windows 7

This article will guide you on how to change DNS in windows 7 but first we need to know what DNS is and why DNS is important. What is DNS? DNS or (The Domain Name System) is used to resolve human hostnames as it provide other information’s for the domain name. Why DNS is important? […]

Tips and Tricks for Internet Security

Presently like never before, your online security is under assault. You’re ISP, publicists, and governments around the globe are progressively keen on knowing precisely what you’re up to when you peruse the web. Whether you’re a political lobbyist or basically somebody who detests the thought of outsiders snooping around, there are a lot of instruments […]