Russia Bans LinkedIn in a Further Step Towards Internet Censorship

Local court in Moscow has endorsed decision that the business and employment oriented social network, LinkedIn is to be blocked in Russia, most likely within the next few days on the ground that it collects and caches data on Russian people. Read more on internet censorship in Russia HERE LinkedIn is a professional social media […]

Turkey Bans Access to WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

According to TurkeyBlocks, an impartial digital transparency monitoring network, Turkey has banned access to popular social media platforms: Facebook and Twitter along with video sharing website: YouTube and instant messaging application: WhatsApp nationwide since Friday November 4th 1:20 am local time. VoIP app: Skype and photo sharing app: Instagram have shortly followed. The mentioned applications […]

Saudi Arabia Bans CASHU Prepaid Cards

Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA) has reportedly instructed the Ministry of Commerce and Investment to set a ban on prepaid CASHU cards. Fearing that it could be misused for money laundering and terror funding, SAMA has voiced concerns over inability to properly monitor transactions via CASHU. Even though in a blog post dated July 15th, […]

How to Access Facebook in China

Despite all the criticism and controversies, and whether you like it or not, Facebook has been listed as third most accessed website worldwide according to Alexa rank. Throughout the years from 2005 till today, Facebook has become an essential part of the lives of 1.7 billion users around the world. And one of the most […]

Prevent DNS Leak with Latest Version of b.VPN

VPN is a great, easy to use tool to maintain your online anonymity and privacy. Just a click and you’re connected to a VPN server with a brand new IP address.  But then there is DNS leak which is an actual nightmare for anyone who is concerned about staying anonymous online. You might think to […]

SMOKE… a New VPN Technology to Evade GFW in China

China is best known for its booming economy and at the same time aggressive internet censorship. Thanks to the most advanced internet censorship system in the world; the Golden Shield project (also known as the Great Firewall of China), most of the essential, top visited websites worldwide are being blocked there, including all Google services […]

Unblock WikiLeaks in Turkey with BVPN

Turkey routinely utilizes web shutdowns as a part of reaction to political occasions, which commentators and human rights advocates see as a major aspect of a more extensive assault on the media and flexibility of expression Anybody attempting to get to the site from Turkey is presently welcomed with the message “After specialized examination and […]

Your ultimate guide for SSH on linux

When you begin getting extra at ease with utilizing Linux, you’ll need to begin utilising some satisfactory utilities that can make you vastly more productive. Arguably one of the crucial essential utilities to study is SSH. With it, you can manage a further laptop as in the event you have been sitting straight at it. […]

Pokémon Go, how to dowload the number 1 game today with BVPN

Pokémon Go is not officially available in Europe, the UK or Canada, as handle overwhelming demand in other materials of the arena. You’d be forgiven for considering the whole world seems to have misplaced its mind over Pokémon Go. However correctly the game is simplest formally available in a opt for few countries proper now, […]

Unblock and Watch BeIN sports with no restrictions

What is a beIN sport? Formerly Al Jazeera activity, beIN sports is a rebranded variation of the athletics channels that Al Jazeera had broadcast across the core East and North Africa. At the same time based in the center East, beIN physical games has two English language channels (HD11 and HD12), and access to Fox […]